Our signature oil change involves more than just putting in new oil and a new filter. We also do a 27 point inspection of critical components like your tires and fluids.
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We have top of the line diagnostic equipment to handle your smog test and repair needs. Our trained professionals can get your car smogged in no time and we can handle any repair work necessary to get you to pass.
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Your ability to brake quickly can be a matter of life and death so our brake repair services always include recommending the best pads for your budget. We’ll also check out every other aspect of the braking system.
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Your suspension system helps you stay in control while you’re on the road. If you’re experiencing noise over bumps, pulling, bouncing, crooked steering wheel, etc let us conduct a suspension evaluation. Worn components may reduce the stability of your vehicle.
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We use a current model Hunter diagnostic system to finely tune your alignment, so you get the most comfortable ride possible with the least wear on your tires.
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Well maintained tires are critical to your safety. Tire wear impacts handling, steering and braking all of which are vital to your well-being out on the road.
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Major Repair

Engine rebuilds or replacements
Transmission repair and service, including fluid flush
Electrical system diagnostics – starter, alternator, computer system
Check engine light
Exhaust systems
Battery charging and replacement
Filters, gaskets, belts & hoses
Calipers, rotors, cylinders & motor mounts
Maintenance Services

Differential fluid service
Fuel injection cleaning
Radiator fluid service and flush
Windshield wipers & fluid
Safety inspection
Transmission sludge-buster service
Tune-up, including 30k/60k/90k/120k manufacturer recommended services

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