Transmission Flush

Your vehicle has a number of fluids running through it to perform a variety of tasks from lubrication to cooling. These fluids will break down over time and need to be replaced to keep your vehicle operating at peak condition. A maintenance fluid flush is a simple, relatively inexpensive preventive maintenance tool to help your vehicle run better for a longer period of time.

Most people are aware of the need to regularly replace the motor oil in the vehicle; however the transmission also has a lubricating fluid inside it that needs to be replaced. This fluid lubricates the transmission and reduces the friction caused by shifting gears. Failure to have clean transmission fluid can cause the transmission to shift harshly and damage the gears resulting in a shorter lifespan for this very expensive component.

A fluid flush is a process by which we drain out the existing fluid and replace it with clean fluid. If there is a filter or other wear item such as a gasket, we’ll check the condition and recommend replacement as applicable.

We will also examine the old fluid, it can give us clues as to how the vehicle has been driven and alert us to potential parts failure or likely future issues to monitor.

The manufacturer sets a recommended mileage for replacement, in addition as part of our oil change service we will check your fluids and evaluate their condition based on how they look and smell. We have chemical test strips to analyze the condition of the fluid when sight is not a reliable method to determine if the fluid has gone bad.


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