Shocks, Struts & Suspension

Shock and Strut Replacement

Ever hit a pothole and feel like your vehicle has been launched into outer space? Odds are your shocks or struts have worn out. The function of shocks and struts is simple, they provide you with a smooth driving experience by minimizing the vehicle’s suspension movement.

Aside from the bounce, tires are another area which are quickly and dramatically affected by worn out shocks or struts.

When the shock’s ability to reduce wheel & body movement is compromised, it becomes more difficult to control your vehicle. Since more suspension movement is allowed as the shocks wear, every attached part is subject to additional impact and wear to those components occurs more quickly. The suspension springs, support arms, bushings, joints and wheel alignment all suffer as a result. This translates to additional repair expenses and a less satisfactory driving experience.

Steering Repair

Shocks and struts are only a part of your suspension. Your vehicle also has control arms, ball joints, sway bar links and a host of other small connector components designed to help you safely steer your vehicle and maintain control.

Control arms are a major suspension component and typically has rubber bushings on each end to absorb force generated by the movement of your vehicle. Over time these bushings wear out, causing excessive play in the suspension. You may notice your vehicle acting skittish or a clunking sound. It can affect your steering and be a major safety concern, especially in inclement weather.

Wheel Alignment

Layer 33A wheel alignment is performed to maximize the life of the tire and keep the vehicle driving straight. This consists of measuring various angles and adjusting them to the manufacturer’s specifications. Poor wheel alignment will cause uneven wearing of the tires, shortening their lifespan and causing driveability issues.

At Purrfect Auto we use a modern alignment machine with laser guides designed to evaluate and adjust the settings of your vehicle at the most sensitive levels.

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