Brake Repair

Brake Service Coupon

When it comes to important parts, brakes are at the top of the list. The ability to stop promptly and smoothly is critical to navigating Southern California traffic safely. 
Your brake system is more complicated than a set of brake pads. The brake system is a complex web of moving components designed to stop your vehicle at a moment’s notice and if any of those parts are not functioning properly delayed stopping may occur.

At Purrfect Auto, our expert mechanics will conduct a thorough investigation of your brake system and provide you with a written evaluation of the system components.

Our standard brake service involves more than simply throwing new pads on the car. We will install new pads, resurface or replace the rotors and lube/adjust the brake system to ensure you get a nice, smooth braking experience when you drive away from our shop.

In addition, we will check your brake fluid, calipers, master cylinder and lines for leaks and functionality.

Your safety comes first, we don’t cut corners and we want you to drive off knowing your vehicle is safe.

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Brake Fluid Flush

Brake fluid is responsible for moving the various parts of the braking system in your car. Without brake fluid your vehicle would not stop when you depress your foot on the pedal. There are various grades of brake fluid but they operate on the same pressure principle. When the brake pedal is depressed it increases the pressure inside the brake lines; this increased pressure causes the brake pads and rotors to squeeze together which slows and ultimately stops the wheels.

Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air which causes the fluid to degrade. When the fluid breaks down, it no longer works properly and that can affect your ability to brake in a timely manner. Every vehicle is different, but it’s generally recommended to replace the fluid every 50-75,000 miles.

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