Alignment & Tires

Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment is performed to maximize the life of the tire and keep the vehicle driving straight. This consists of measuring various angles and adjusting them to the manufacturer’s specifications. Poor wheel alignment will cause uneven wearing of the tires, shortening their lifespan and causing driveability issues.
Alignment Coupon

At Purrfect Auto we use a modern alignment machine with laser guides designed to evaluate and adjust the settings of your vehicle at the most sensitive levels.


Layer 33Tires are one of the most important parts on the vehicle yet they are regularly neglected or left on the vehicle long past their normal lifespan. Tires are the driver’s link to the road; proper tread and wear pattern are vital to being able to stop in a timely manner as well as turn the vehicle in the event of a need to swerve. Tires that are wearing improperly can also create excessive road noise and disrupt a smooth driving experience.

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