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Our Services

Oil Change

We don’t just change the oil. We check your car out to catch potential problems before they put a big dent in your wallet.

Fluid Flushes

There is more than oil running through your car. You have transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid among other liquids that need to be checked regularly and replaced occasionally to keep your vehicle running at peak.


We can replace spark plugs, wires, filters with manufacturer recommended parts to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


Our station is Star Certified and our technicians are excellent at diagnosing ‘Failed Smogs’ and handling the repairs necessary to get your vehicle to pass.

Brake Service

Whether it’s simply replacing pads and sanding down the rotors or a more complex brake job dealing with leaking calipers, we have the experts to handle it quickly and correctly.

Engine Repair

We are ready to service your car’s engine and maintain your vehicle’s performance. Our diagnostic team can get to the bottom of any check engine light.

Timing Belt

Your engine’s timing belt is the most important maintenance item in your car

Wheel Alignment & Tire Balance

We offer top quality wheel alignment services and wheel balancing services.

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